Airports in Poitou-Charentes

How to get in touch with airports in the Poitou-Charentes region. Up-to-the minute flight information links to taxis, lost property and airport information...

The Poitou-Charentes region of western France has local airports but is also well served by international airports in neighbouring regions, specifically the International airports of Nantes, Limoges and Bordeaux (below).

Charente (16)
Aéroport de Angouleme Cognac
In Champniers, 15 Km north east of Angouleme
Tel: 05 45 69 88 09
Fax: 05 45 69 47 00
Aéroport de Cognac-Chateaubernard
Le Parveau, Chateaubernard
Tel: 05 45 32 00 64
Fax: 05 45 36 32 28
Charente-Maritime (17)
Aéroport de La Rochelle-Ile-de-Re
5 Km north west of the centre of La Rochelle; 10 minutes by bus, with busses every 15 minutes from 07:00-20:00. 5 minutes from the centre of Ile-de-Re
Tel: 05 46 42 30 26
Fax: 05 46 00 04 84
Aéroport de Rochefort-Saint Agnant
14 Km South of Rochefort
Tel: 05 46 83 05 20
Fax: 05 46 83 29 30
Deux-Sèvres (79)
Aéroport de Niort-Souché
Route de Limoges, Niort; 4 Km South East of Niort
Tel: 05 49 24 37 22
Fax: 05 49 24 18 02
Vienne (86)
Aéroport de Poitiers Biard
In Biard, 2.5 Km east of downtown Poitiers; 12 Km south of Futuroscope
Tel: 05 49 30 04 40
Fax: 05 49 58 81 72
Nantes International Airport

Nantes International Airport in the neighbouring region of the Pays-de-la-Loire is well served by international flights to the UK, Ireland, north Africa and elsewhere in Europe (Spain, Switzerland, Greece and so on).

Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE) International Airport
Airport Information Tel: 02 40 84 80 00
Fax: 02 40 84 82 11
Website (in English)
Access: Close to the Nantes ring road, 10 minutes from the town centre Click here
Disabled: Parking close to the terminal, access ramps, elevators, toilet facilities and more: contact airport information
Wheelchairs: contact the relevant airline company
Shuttle and Taxi: Service from many surrounding towns. Details on the airport website
: TAN Bus service
Tel: 08 01 44 44 44
Tel: 02 40 69 22 22
Click here
Airlines: flying from Nantes Air France
British Airways
Car Hire: Hertz
National Citer
Tel: 02 40 84 81 03
Tel: 02 40 84 81 01
Tel: 08 20 00 74 98
Tel: 02 40 84 81 05
Tel: 02 40 84 81 06
Limoges International Airport

Limoges International Airport in the neighbouring region of Limousin is easily accessible from the Eastern Charente and Vienne is well served by international flights to the UK (Stanstead, East Midlands and Southampton) and elsewhere in France.

Limoges International Airport
Airport Information Tel: 05 55 43 30 30
Fax: 05 55 43 30 40
Access: At 81 avenue de l'Aéroport, Limoges. NW of Limoges City Centre Click here
Welcome Centre: English-speaking contact: Mathieu Bonis part of the Welcome en Limousin association Tel: 06 32 51 70 36
Services: Disabled access (lifts and toilets), WiFi zones, cash dispenser, shops, tobacconists and some business services

Connections: There are no buses or shuttles between the airport and Limoges City Centre. Car rental and taxis are available.

Bordeaux International Airport

Aéroport de Bordeaux in the neighbouring departément of the Gironde is within 45 minutes' drive of the Southern Charente and Charente-Maritime. Regular flights to destinations throughout the UK, as well as elsewhere in France and Europe, Africa, the US and Canada.

Aéroport de Bordeaux Bordeaux-Mérignac
Up-to-the-minute flight information - select the first link, "The World From Bordeaux" Website
Information desk: Passenger information and information for mobility reduced passengers
Terminal open: 05:30-23:30
Tel: 05 56 34 50 50
Lost & Found (For objects left onboard, contact the airline directly) Tel: 05 56 34 50 11
Airlines For a list of airlines flying to Bordeaux-Mérignac Website
Access, shuttle & parking: 10 Km west of Bordeaux on avenue Président J F Kennedy, near Mérignac Click here
The Robert-Picqué Hospital, 351 Route de Toulouse, 33140 Villenave d'Ornon
Tel: 05 56 84 70 00
Vaccinations: Santé Voyages, 86 Cours d'Albret, 33000 Bordeaux Tel: 05 56 79 56 79
Vaccinations: Hôpital St-André, 1 rue Jean Burguet, 33000 Bordeaux Tel: 05 56 92 87 54
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